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Health Care Sharing Programs for Individuals & Family


Your health is our mission! OneShare is committed to providing you the most comprehensive, affordable, flexible program to best fit your needs.

OneShare Health is a healthcare sharing family that welcomes, invites, and unites those who agree with our core biblical principles relating to life, health, and caring for others, as evidenced in our shared Statement of Belief. By contributing their monthly membership amounts, members are sharing one another’s medical bills and demonstrating the love of God to the entire community. This sharing also demonstrates that the community can come together in mutual love and respect, no matter the background of the                 individual or family.


The staff of OneShare Health is committed to putting members first. This includes keeping monthly membership amounts as reasonable as possible by using technology and alliances that help reduce costs, seeking to improve the membership experience where possible, andSamplefacilitating members in sharing one another’s bills promptly.

OneShare Health provides its members with national network access for medical needs, including hospital, surgical, emergency room, urgent care clinics, primary care physicians, and specialists.


OneShare Health seeks to help support ministries within the United States and around the world. OneShare Health feels a great purpose in helping members share their medical needs and showing the love of God to the entire community. This is not insurance. This program is ACA exempt.    © 2019 OneShare Health, LLC v.052819